Top Ten signs you are a true Chicago Cubs fan

20160611_1223391.Harry Caray is the greatest baseball announcer of all time.

2.You spent your childhood weekend afternoons watching WGN and Chicago Cubs day games.

3.As a child you either had a Sandberg, Banks, Dawson, or Wood jersey.

4.Win, Lose, it doesn’t matter you will always be a Cubs fan.

5.Every stadium that doesn’t have ivy on the outfield walls is somehow less of a stadium.

6.If you are from out of town, upon driving to Wrigley for the first time you realized there is absolutely NO PARKING within a five mile radius.

7.There is nothing like playing hookey and taking in a day game on the North side.

8.You know how much a wind shift can change a game.

9.You know Wrigleyville is the best entertainment district around any ballpark.

10.You can name all four streets around Wrigley Field.

Honorable Mention – You are happy they are keeping the trough urinals in the mens room.

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  1. sonny wright says:

    ashes spread over the vines in Wrigley Field.

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