Ten Things that could Improve Des Moines


  1. Build a Target downtown – I think that a Target downtown would be an excellent addition.  Minneapolis has one, Madison has one,  I think we should.  This addition would draw people in and get them into the habit of shopping downtown, which has been the opposite of the trend in recent years.  If you were looking for something specific, or higher quality that Target does not have people could move along and support the smaller businesses downtown.
  2. Fix the roof at the Historical Building – It is really a shame that a museum that celebrates Iowa history within blocks of the capitol building is in such poor condition.  This is not a new thing, the roof has leaked (it seems) every time I have visited (I have been going for at least fifteen years).  To walk into such a large space and see buckets on the ground catching water and a mammoth skeleton in the same room is mind boggling.
  3. Rebuild the sky walks – Due to the Younkers building fire, and new construction it has become a little harder to get around through the skywalks.  Reconnecting the sky walk would make it a little easier to get around downtown, especially during inclement weather.  Or course this is happening, and is eagerly awaited.
  4. A Fast way to Go North and South through the Metro area – I don’t even know if this is even possible.  Mlk has really helped in getting around, but going north and south through the metro is quite a bit more tedious than going east and west.
  5. Support the things that are unique to Des Moines – Continue to support our local businesses and not run to the latest, hottest store.  Stop in at Grazianos once in a while or get some ice cream at Snookies.  That’s not too hard of a sell though, those are both great places.
  6. Finish connecting all of the bike paths – I know this is in the works, and will take years.  Excellent progress has been made, I’m just anxious for more.  The thought of being able to just hop on a bike and have lots of options on places to go is nice to think about.
  7. More hotels within walking distance of Wells Fargo Arena – I think people coming into town for a music or sporting event would appreciate the convenience of just walking a block of two  to their hotel.  I know there are a few options now, but a few more wouldn’t hurt.
  8. Promote the things we have – We have some great things here, 80-35, the art festival, the fair, great restaurants etc.  I think we should promote a little more.  I grew up four hours away from here but never really heard too much about Des Moines and never really considered it as a destination only because I didn’t know too much about it.  My family would always go other places, probably out of habit.  Maybe a little more advertising would get Des Moines name out there a little more.
  9. A Pro Team – Could we support a professional sports team?  The Packers are in Green Bay and Green bay is smaller than Des Moines.  They however, have the whole state of Wisconsin behind them.  What would be the best option?  Maybe baseball, Des Moines has a great baseball tradition, and the Midwest traditionally loves baseball.  This is probably out of the question, and most people here are already fans of another team.  People would probably be hard pressed to drop the team they have loved their entire life for a new Des Moines team.
  10. Revitalize the Kaleidoscope – Imagine the Kaleidoscope filled with interesting shops, no vacancies, and a hub for downtown activities.  It could even be part of the winter farmers market on those cold Saturday mornings.  With people continuing to move downtown, and the new Court Avenue Hyvee coming soon this could coming sooner rather than later.

These are just a few things I could think of that I think would improve the Des Moines metro area.  I am not putting the city down, in fact I had a hard time even coming up with ten things to write ( I got stuck on six).  Please leave a comment if you think there is something that should be on this list.


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