The Next Top Ten podcasts you’re not listening to

20160616_190659A note on podcasts, If you are really into a certain show, book, movie, or activity google that thing and put podcast behind it.  If it is popular, I’m sure there will be a podcast for it.  If you can’t find anything you like on this list, I wrote a couple more.

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1.Mortified – This podcast is hilarious!  It is adults reading their diary from when they were teenagers making the name fit perfectly.  This podcast makes you feel a little bit better about your own embarrassments growing up.  The episodes are broken down into categories as well.  Covering topics such as boy bands, teen love, and bullying.  It might be best to shelter the kids from this one at times due to language. Here is a link.

2. Flash Forward – A very original concept, Flash Forward envisions a future where humans do something radical and what the repercussions would be.  Some examples would be if we eliminated mosquitoes, had sex robots, or were not allowed to lie anymore.  As you can imagine there are unintended consequences to some of our actions.  Here is a link.

3. Lore – I really like podcasts that deal with the macabre and this one is the best I  have found.  Please note, I do not think this podcast is suitable for children.  Lore tells the story of the dark side of human behavior with a calmness that is unnerving.  Click here for the site.

4. The Art of Manliness – This podcast covers guy related topics, everything from style to literature to working out.  It is a good podcast for every day things that can help you do a little better in your life.  One of my favorite episodes is the interview of the author of Braveheart.  Check this one out, I seem to learn something every episode. Here is a link.

5. The Black Tapes – This is an engrossing spooky story, and it reminds me of serial a lot. (See the first list of podcasts) Fair warning, this is a very dark podcast.  This podcast is not suitable for children.  A reporter does a small story about the supernatural, and gets sucked into a very involved story.  I don’t want to give anything away, so I will stop there.  Check this one out.

6. The Dead Authors Podcast – If your a literary fan, this is a great podcast.  H.G. Wells (the writer of The Time Machine) travels to the present day to interview other dead authors.  The other dead authors include Hunter S Thompson, Mark Twain, and Edgar Allen Poe.  Paul F Tompkins plays H.G. Wells and a different comedian plays the authors being interviewed every week.  The interview of Tennessee Williams is one of my favorites.  Here is a link. 

7. Sklarbro Country – The Sklar Brothers have been podcasting for a long time and they have become very consistent in their content.  I personally have liked the brothers for a long time,  especially  when they filled in for Jim Rome on the Jim Rome Show.  Covering subjects from sports to music to life in general, they keep things moving and witty.  Check them out.

8. Song Exploder – If you love music, this is the podcast for you.  Song Exploder focuses on one song, and tries to get the story behind it.   Often times the story is quite a bit different than you would think.  Their tag line is: “A podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.” Click here for their site.

9. Invisbilia – Invisibilia tries to explain the forces that change human behavior that we can’t see.  There aren’t a lot of episodes yet, but this podcast is fascinating.  My favorite episode is the How to become Batman episode. Click here for their site.

10. Maltin on Movies – Leonard Maltin talks movies with a guest host.  There is always a theme and always something to learn. Click here for the site.

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  1. Every list forgets the Podd Socks podcast


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