Top Ten signs Hipsters are moving into your Neighborhood

  1. The Ace Hardware store was sold and now houses a artisan cheese shop/ cat grooming emporium.
  2. Two words, skinny jeans.
  3. The other day you over heard someone say, “locally sourced” and “free range” and you had to google those terms.
  4. You have been seeing an awful lot of t-shirts with cats on them lately.
  5. You have seen a lot of men with beards who can’t change a tire lately.
  6. You saw a guy the other day, riding a restored 1982 Schwinn bike, with dress shoes, no socks, dinner jacket, button up shirt, and a bow tie.
  7. The old drug store has been reclaimed, and turned into a reuse/reclaimed store.
  8. Mustache wax has appeared on the shelves at your local market.
  9. Recently you noticed while peering through the cracks between the boards of your backyard fence, your neighbor has started raising chickens.  Also, there is something that looks exactly like a butter churn sitting next to the garage.
  10. Everyone seems to be eating Quinoa now.
  11. Honorable mention – Portlandia is now the most popular show in your neighborhood.

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