Top Ten signs you may be bored with your job

  1. You have epic, day-long battles between the toys on your desk.
  2. You have built large and very detailed sculptures made entirely of work supplies which are promptly destroyed once you hear your boss is coming towards your desk.
  3. Your google search history reveals things like “how to look awake while sleeping at desk”, “how do you make time speed up but only at work” and “how do I get paid to just sleep all day?”
  4. You started with just one plant to care for to kill time and now you have a full greenhouse situation in your cubicle.
  5. You find more and more “projects” that take you out of the office and unable to locate for hours at a time.
  6. You’ve read all of the books on your summer reading list and it’s only April.
  7. The only highlights of your day are breaks, lunch time and leaving.
  8. You and your co-workers have decided to start a band and spend many hours in the conference room having “meetings” to practice.
  9.  Your friends and family are onto how you call them to have long conversations only during working hours. Otherwise, you can’t be bothered to talk.
  10. You actually, you know, do your job.


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