Top Ten Signs you are a True East Sider


1.You OWN the first Friday at the Iowa State Fair.

2.You participate in the summer tradition of going down to the Dairy Zone, or Grannies and getting some ice cream.

3. You drive by the AE Dairy cows every day to work.

4. For special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries its always Tursi’s Latin King

5. You get stuck behind a train at least once a week on Dean, Grand, or Hubbell.

6.Every August you dust off the old waving stick to wave people into your lawn for parking.  Then, ten days later you need to buy some grass seed with all that cash.

7.You have rumbled your way down Capitol Ave (it’s a brick road, for those non Eastsiders).

8. Whether your a Scarlet or a Ram you are both rooting against Valley.

9. You work at Titan, or know somebody that does.

10. You know where Kelly’s little Nipper is, and go there frequently.

You must have five of these traits or prove yourself worthy in other ways to be a true East sider.

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