Top Ten signs you are a true St Louis Cardinals Fan

DSCN0268It’s baseball season once again!  The weather is warming up, the days are longer, and everything seems right with the world.  I grew up a Cardinals fan, and have never strayed.  I thought it would be fun to make a list to see who the true Cardinals fans are.

1.You wore those ugly light blue jerseys from the eighties as a kid.  This was my first jersey ever, and I didn’t think it was ugly….but others did.

2.You remember Ozzie Smith doing a back flip before a big game.

3.You stuck it thought the recent lean years, the 90’s, you know the Todd Zeile, Mark Whiten years.  The Cardinals weren’t absolutely horrible, but they weren’t great either.

4.You remember where you were when you heard Albert Pujols was signing with the Angels.  Ugh, what a bad day.

5. Yadi for Prez! (If you don’t know what that means…..never mind)

6.At times a Cardinals win or lose will effect your mood the rest of the day.

7.You are worried about the Cubs this year, but………secretly

8. You learned about Ted Drewes through the commercials on the radio.

9.There is nothing like a spring day with a cool breeze in Busch Stadium.

10.You are a fan year round a watch the hot stove league closely.

Bonus – You know what a rally squirrel is.

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