Top Ten Podcasts you should be listening to

20160616_190626I guess I should start at the beginning.  What is a podcast?  A podcast is an audio only show on the internet (basically radio on the internet).  According to reports I have heard there are as many as 250,000 podcasts out there.  Can you imagine that many radio stations?  I will say however 75 percent of those podcasts are not great, or interesting. Hopefully this list will help you get a start into podcasts. If you cannot find anything you like on this list, I have since wrote a couple more lists of podcasts.  Click here for #1, or here for #2.

1.Radio lab – Radio lab is hard to pin down.  At times it is a science show, sometimes it covers sociology, sometimes nostalgia..  They always seems to have some unexpected twist to keep you guessing. I listen from an app on my phone (podcast addict) there are thousands of podcasts on there, if you don’t like one just erase it and get another. Here is the link to the website.

2.Serial – Serial has been out a couple of years and the have covered two stories, one each season.  Season one covered the murder case of Hae min Lee in Baltimore.  Adnan Syed was convicted of that murder, he was an 18 year old kid at the time, and many have thier doubts that he did it.  Season two is about Bowe Bergdahl, the defector and hostage of the Taliban for five years.  Season one is very good, Season two is even better.  Serial is ranked number one on Podcast addict and I think it deserves to be.  I have included a link.

3.PTI or Pardon the Interruption – The popular ESPN show is just as good with audio only.  I listen every day, the topics are mostly sports if you’re into that sort on thing.  Here is the link.

4.Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin – If you told me I would listen to a show that would describe in detail for 24 hours the events of World War One, I would say you are insane. I however, did do this and at the end I was not only disappointed it was over, but disappointed he didn’t go into more detail. I think this would be good for a road trip.  Dan really brings the battles, and politics to life with his in depth description and painstaking research.  Wrath of the Kahns, and Blueprint for Armageddon are my favorite.  Here is the link.

5.Rotten Tomatoes Podcast – If you like movies this is a great podcast.  Movies are reviewed without bias, and editors from the rotten tomatoes website are the hosts.  Here is the link.

6.This American Life – The NPR show hosted by Ira Glass via podcast.  What I hate about radio is, if I stop listening for a few minutes I can miss a lot.  With podcasts you can pause, or skip different part of the show.  This American Life covers interesting stories from around America, and is usually broken into 3 chapters.  Here is the link.

7.The Moth – Everyone has a story.  This is the Moths motto. Regular people and some famous submit their stories, and if they are chosen they get to tell their story on stage.  These stories are all over the place in subject matter and from many different kinds of people.  Here is a link.

8.Planet Money – This is NOT a dry talk show about blah, blah, blah, save money, 401k.  I don’t really like those shows, and to be honest I thought this was one of those shows.  This show looks at for example “How to set up a shell company offshore,” or how a guy rigged the lottery and bought every combination.  The man won not only first place, but second, third and so on.  This is a great show, and the episodes are 20 minutes or so. Which is great for a commute.  Here is a link.

9.Freakonomics Radio – Freakonomics looks at the unusual side of economics.  Some examples would be “The economics of sleep” and “Do boycotts work?”  The main theme of the show is how do things we don’t usually think of as dealing with economics effect economics.  Here is a link.

10.The Budget Minded Traveler – This is a great show for those who like to travel.  Jackie Laulainen will show you how to travel hack, and how to be prepared, where ever you chose to go. Here is a link.


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