Ten ways to know if you’re getting old

1.You now do an old guy/gal grunt when you get up from a kneeling position.

2.Snapchat?… huh?  Facebook…..Sure!

3.You watched Saved by the Bell……not ironically

4.At some point you started doing this…..slowly shaking your head and clicking three times with your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

5.Saturday morning was reserved for cereal, oddly colored milk, and CARTOONS.

6.When people tell you what year they were born, you tell them what job you had at that time.

7.You remember….”When this was ALL field”  while making sweeping backhand motion.

8.You remember when there was only PINK gum.

9.You remember when Garrison Keillor was young.  Scratch that, you know who Garrison Keillor is.

10. 2 pm is now nap time on the weekends.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Dough Bought says:

    Grunting when you stand up

    Tell puns and truly believe they’re funny

    Use antiquated street jargon

    Angrily state out your window at people crossing your lawn


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