Top Ten Des Moines Restaurants

Des Moines has many great restaurants and unfortunately I can’t mention them all here.  This list is my top ten, I will also include some of my favorites off of the menu.  If you would like a certain type of food click on the food icon in the menu or the links at the bottom of this page.


  1. Centro – Centro is a Des Moines classic.  The cuisine is mostly Italian continuing a great Des Moines tradition.  It is a bustling place with great food within walking distance of the sculpture garden.  I like the open feel of the restaurant, and the simple sleek decor.  My favorite dish is the Kill Bill pork tenderloin.  Click here for a menu.

  2. Splash – This is a great place to spurge on a special occasion.  Splash has excellent seafood and service.  As an added bonus it is close enough to the civic center to walk to after a show. Click here for a menu.

  3. Latin King – Latin King is a great East Side staple in the restaurant scene.  This restaurant seems to have been around forever and for good reason.  Try the Toasted Raviolis.  Click here for a menu.

  4. Christophers – Located in Beaverdale Christophers feels just as comfortable and homey as Beaverdale itself.  It seems that everyone seems to know each other here (and probably do). The food is is the old standbys that you always go back to after your latest fad food, Fried chicken, Steaks Click here for a menu.

  5. Eatery A – Eatery A is a trendy new pick located on Ingersoll.  They have a great patio, and a funky retro interior.  Eatery A focuses on lighter Mediterranean style cooking and in my opinion, they have the best pizza in Des Moines.  Try the happy hour where pizza and draw beers are half off from 3 to 6.  Click here for a menu.

  6. Jethro’s , Drake location – The original Drake location is still the best in my opinion.  Although there are Jethros has great barbecue, atmosphere, and hardy portions.  This location has been featured on Man vs Food as well.   I enjoy the Beef brisket and waffle fries.  Click here for a menu.

  7. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, East village – Zombie burger is a great place to bring an out of towner for a memorable meal.  This place is quite an original concept, and is one of Des Moines signature hangouts.  Moving past the zombie gimmick the food is excellent and sometimes bizarre.  How about the Undead Elvis?  It has fried banana, peanut butter, bacon, American cheese, egg, and mayo.  My personal favorite is the Planet Terror, which is a bbq burger.  Try the poutine fries with cheese curds and gravy.  Click here for a menu.

  8. La Mie, shops of Roosevelt – La Mie is an awesome place for pastries, it feels like you are breezing into a Parisan bakery.  This place is always busy, and now has a location downtown and also sells at the farmers market.  Often overlooked though, are some of the best  omelets in town.  Click here for a menu.

  9. Skips – Skips feels like dining in an upscale home, the space is tight, but the food is usually great.  Skips to me feels like the south side version of Christophers.  They have a great bar, and excellent pasta dishes.  The waitstaff is seasoned and one of the best in Des Moines.  Click here for a menu.

  10. Fongs Pizza – Fongs scores a lot of points for its uniqueness.  Where else can you get a crab rangoon pizza?  Such a novel concept can’t be left off of the list.  I like the “Iowan” pizza, also the crab rangoon pizza.  Click here for a menu.

Looking for something else?   Just click on what you are interested in Bbq, Breakfast,Lunch,Brunch, Italian,Ice Cream

This is an oldie, but a great book

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