Hello Des Moines

Welcome to the Top Ten Des Moines website. The writers on this site are a husband and wife who have over 45 years of combined years living in Des Moines area.   We will be giving our opinions on local things to do, restaurants, and anything thing else we find interesting.  We have also had the opportunity to do a bit of traveling and we will share what we have learned on those trips as well.  If you would like to advertise with us, would like us to write a sponsored post, or have a suggestion for a list comment on this post and let us know.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. myliferewind says:

    Fun blog guys!!!! Lots of great Top Tens!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jwhite409 says:

      Thank you very much! From both of us.


  2. myliferewind says:

    If you’re interested I blog at http://www.rockinthekitchen.blogspot.com and would love to see what you think


    1. jwhite409 says:

      I checked out your blog. It’s really good! I love food and cooking, keep it up.


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