Hello Des Moines

Welcome to the Top Ten Des Moines website.  This website was created to showcase all that Des Moines has to offer to both locals and for those coming for a visit. Only locally owned businesses/locations are featured so no chain restaurants/stores will make the list. We hope you enjoy both this website and all that Des Moines has to offer. Thank you for visiting!

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  1. myliferewind says:

    Fun blog guys!!!! Lots of great Top Tens!!

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    1. jwhite409 says:

      Thank you very much! From both of us.


  2. myliferewind says:

    If you’re interested I blog at http://www.rockinthekitchen.blogspot.com and would love to see what you think


    1. jwhite409 says:

      I checked out your blog. It’s really good! I love food and cooking, keep it up.


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